Benefits of Resistance Training While Dieting

Too often people will avoid resistance training while dieting because they are afraid the number on the scale will not go down as they pack on muscle, or that they will look bulky instead of skinny as they desire. There really is nothing to fear when it comes to resistance training during a diet. In fact, there are many benefits of resistance training while dieting!

Don’t Fear The Bulking Up

First, it is important to tackle the biggest issue of training while dieting. Most women don’t want to appear bulky, and many men don’t want that weightlifter look either. They want a slim and attractive body as a result of their weight loss, and that’s what causes them to focus on cardio over resistance training. But the truth is this: women are not likely to get the bulky male muscles simply by adding some resistance into their daily workout and while men can build some noticeable muscle, they are not likely to get weightlifter muscles without a specific and dedicated routine.

Women have fewer muscle fibers then men, and the hormone testosterone that helps to build those big, bulky muscles is much lower in women than it is in men. This adds up to the fact that it is hard for women to develop those manly muscles without the use of drugs. When a proper resistance training problem is put in place, women lose fat and gain a toned and feminine look.

Boost Metabolism After Your Workout

Cardio helps you to burn calorie and fat as you exercise, but resistance training has an after burn effect, which means your metabolism stays high and you burn more calories a few hours after training.

“Strength training coupled with diet and cardio burns fat far more than cardio and diet alone.” –

Most experts agree that you only get the benefits for about 1-2 hours after your workout, but some studies have shown that you can get metabolic benefits for up to 38 hours afterwards. In other words, it can help you experience faster results, which is what every dieter wants to experience.

Retain The Muscle You Do Have

Without resistance training, you can lose more than fat during a diet. You can also lose muscle and get an unhealthy, skeleton look as a result. Muscle is what gives you that sexy body that you want to show off and people want to look at.

Get Healthier With Resistance Training

One of your goals while dieting is likely to get healthier. Resistance training can help you do that in a big way.

Not only will resistance training build muscle, it will also improve your strength, decrease your chance of injury, help you maintain your weight, decrease your blood pressure, increase bone and joint strength, boost your mood, reduce the risk of diabetes, and improve your immune system.

In the end, the benefits of resistance training while dieting boil down to a sexier and healthier you as a result. If it is not a part of your diet plan, then it is important to make it a part starting today.